Polyethylene Pipe is highly suggested because of the constantly positive results from using them again and again.

Low Cost 

  • Our recycling the already low cost of polyethylene pipe cuts down the cost from the beginning. Along with that, the features of this pipe, such as its corrosion and fatigue resistance, extend its lifetime way past that of metal piping saving you money in the long run.

Pressure Surge Resistant

  • Poly pipe’s flexible capabilities extend to absorbing and handling recurring pressure surges much better than steel pipes.

Corrosion Resistance

  • A problem you always have to check and be wary of with steel pipes is corrosion. With our choice to use recycled poly pipe, that problem has been eradicated. The poly pipe doesn’t react with air and water the way metal piping does which significantly increases the lifetime of the pipe.

Ease of Installation

  • This specific type of pipe has high quality fatigue resistance that makes it more flexible than any alternative pipe material. Working with this kind of pipe makes any project much less stressful with less chances of the pipe breaking completely or cracking.

Extended Service Life

  • The poly pipe industry approximates that the service life could be anywhere from 50-100 years of use extending much longer than an alternative medium of pipe.


So Why Choose Legacy Innovations’ Recycled Poly Pipe?

Choose our company because we work hard to find you the best possible option to increase the ease of doing your projects while introducing true peace of mind.