Sellers of Poly Pipe

We depend upon individuals with unused polyethylene pipelines residing in their land

Across various expanses of land, old pipelines are waiting to be discovered. One aspect of our company depends upon individuals with unused polyethylene pipes residing in their land. As these sites are located, people contact Legacy Innovations to sell this pipe. We then completely seize responsibility for pipe removal and extracting the product from its previous setting. After deriving the polyethylene pipe from the ground, we offer payment to the owner of the ranch/land by means of pipe per foot.

Buyers of Poly Pipe

We have proudly been extending our recycled poly pipe to buyers across the US and Canada

Polyethylene pipe is a popular medium for the construction of many differing types of systems; a variety of systems results in the mandate of a variety of pipe sizes. Legacy Innovations provides exactly that. As we respond to the findings of ranch and land-owners, our inventory becomes fluid and constantly changing. Every day represents new possibilities for the types of pipes we have readily available. When an individual interested in our product decides to make a purchase, we ship the polyethylene pipe on trucks to your location. We have proudly been extending our services to buyers across the country and into Canada and striving to provide the best and most efficient pipe removals, sales, and deliveries.


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