Why is poly pipe important to the community and to our company?

Our recycled HDPE Pipe can be used in many different industries. However, the industries that could have a monumental amount of uses for our services include: Mining, Industrial, Agriculture and Oil & Gas industries.

What important projects could you be using our recycled HDPE pipe for? On the other side of business, what could you be selling your used HDPE pipe for?


o  Process Slurry & Water

o  Water Transportation

o  Tailing Transportation

o  Pit & Mine Dewatering

Oil & Gas

o  Oil Patch Application

o  Oil & Gas Production

o  Oil and Gas Gathering

o  Brine Water Transport


o  Hazardous Waste

o  Aeration

o  Dredge Piping

o  Power Plants

Each of these processes and procedures depend on this environmentally friendly and reliable pipe that is changing lives for our company and the people that invest in our mission.

Even though these are some of the most popular uses of polyethylene pipe – anyone could make a positive impact on the environment and our community with the use of our sustainable service.